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We create customized marketing plans that drive your business success.

In today’s constantly evolving business landscape, you need your business and marketing solutions to be in line with what the market is looking for. And that’s exactly what 2XM is all about. We offer full suite of business development and marketing solutions to meet your company’s specific needs.

Whether you need a full blown marketing plan, a quick consultation about an aspect of your business, an organizational analysis or you’re in need of a comprehensive business plan, we have you covered.

2XM is committed to helping its clients take their businesses to the next level by identifying the best business and marketing solutions for their unique business. We know every company has individual opportunities and challenges so our approach to your business needs is customized and perfectly tailored just for you.

We are here for you! Let us take care of your company’s marketing and business needs so that you can focus on what matters the most—your customers and running your business.

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Corporate Solutions

Customized services including Publishing, Strategic Planning, Performance Measurements, Coaching/Training and Organizational Assessment.


An integrated approach to marketing that combines traditional best practices with the latest online marketing trends to deliver impressive results.


Your go-to resource for editorial or marketing copy that will build your brand, engage your audience and create lasting relationships.

Website Design

Create well-crafted and designed websites that brand your business and help make an outstanding first impression.


Develop integrated marketing strategies that connect your brand with your target audience.


A unique brand identity that represents your company and your services is very important to your business success.

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