Corporate Solutions


Do you have a winning financial strategy that you want to share with the world?

Have you thought about publishing your own newsletter, but you don’t know where to start?

It’s overwhelming, we know.

That’s why we’ve taken our 17 years of experience in the financial publishing industry and created a one-stop shop for investing experts who want to share their investing expertise with individual investors.

Whether you’re looking to launch a free newsletter… a buy-and-hold publication… a trading publication… or anything in between, we are here to help.

We take a lot of the hard work off your plate so that you can focus on sharing your financial insights with investors.

Here’s a quick look at what you get when you work with 2XM…

  • Build a website with all the functionality investors need
  • Build an engaged audience database for marketing
  • Editorial support to build a connection with readers
  • Provide the necessary operational support to run the newsletter
  • Set up a customer service infrastructure to handle customers emails and calls
  • Copywriting and marketing support to grow your circulation
  • A brain trust that is constantly coming up with new ideas for your business

We will help you create a newsletter service that offers a nice balance of actionable content and entertaining insights.

Organizational Consulting Services

Communication has never been more important than it is in today’s continuously changing business world. And your organizational structure is truly your company’s communication blueprint. As long as your structure is well-designed, it is easy to communicate areas of inefficiencies as new problems arise within your organization.

As a result, leaders must periodically examine their organizational structure to ensure that they are learning and adapting in an effort to remain current in the marketplace.

A successful reorganization requires all the key stakeholders to be bought into the concept. It requires a great deal of planning, preparation, communication and support.

Our executives have worked at, and with, a broad range of organizations. While each organization faces unique challenges, there are common pitfalls that can be quickly overcome with the right plan.

At the core, it’s important for a company’s leadership to have a sense of purpose, a well-defined mission and overall commitment to the goals of the organization. That is then followed by proper communication to make sure that the entire workforce is working towards the same goal. If that can be accomplished, many of the underlying problem areas can typically be avoided.

Whether it is an established organization that needs better integration of new teams or bringing legacy teams onboard with new technology or practices, 2X Momentum is here to help.

We pride ourselves on the efficiency, privacy and professionalism we bring to each client.

Our services are customized to each organization, but generally fall into four main categories: Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Coaching/Training and Organizational Assessment.

Strategic Planning

For new ventures, projects, or goals, each organization must understand all of the variables needed for successful execution. We take a holistic view of such planning. As outsiders, we can get the perspective of executives and employees at all levels to ascertain the challenges and roadblocks that might exist in the current environment. We can put plans and positioning in place to make sure your workforce is ready, willing and able to fully execute the new plan.

As part of the process, we examine and redefine if necessary, your organizational mission, purpose and goals. Our objective is to help executives structure their organization in a way that facilitates results, learning and accountability.

We can also provide detailed recommendations for the personnel required for your venture or project. We help you eliminate redundancies while maximizing efficiency. The organizational structure within each new project is as important as the brilliant business idea behind it.

The goal is to have an easy to understand plan that can be executed with as few potential pitfalls as possible.

Performance Measurement

Employees respond to a number of different incentives. While recognition might work for one person, a salary increase or bonus potential might work for another. There are ways to give your employees what they need to maximize productivity while limiting costs.

At 2X Momentum we work with all the various groups within an organization to create appropriate rewards and incentives that will motivate, reward and better integrate employees in the corporate culture.

And these extra incentives don’t have to add to your overall costs. Of course, the increase in productivity will help, but did you know that offering heathy snacks and opportunities for physical activity could actually bring your health costs down? Employees get a free snack and place to gather while the organization receives cost benefits and potential tax write-offs.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you improve productivity, boost morale and increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Coaching and Training

Sometimes all that is needed to realign employees to the organizational mission is the right training or coaching.

2X Momentum works with certified training and coaching professionals to give your employees the perspective and tools needed to best serve the organization. This includes everything from how to conduct a performance evaluation in a professional and effective manner to the tools that your managers can use to establish accountability for results.

When your managers and executives understand best practices to lead and motivate your employees, executing organizational goals become a reality faster.
Whether it is diversity training, conduct training, motivational coaching, management strategies or anything in between, we can assess what is needed and create a customized program.

Organizational Assessment

There are several methods that can be used to assess an organization. These processes are repeatable and can be applied to any type of organization.

Through this assessment stage, leaders will gain a better understanding of the areas where change is needed, identify risks and work through an effective solution.

Our goal when it comes to assessing your organization is to uncover the underlying cause of your problems and provide a permanent solution—we don’t just focus on the “symptoms” of the problem.

Here’s a high-level view of how we conduct our assessments:

Phase 1: Project Investigation/Data Collection

During the investigation phase, we spend a substantial amount of time conducting in-depth interviews with your employees, collect data surrounding the key issues the organization is facing, as well as give your employees a chance to provide alternatives/solutions to the areas of concern.

We interview everyone that has a connection to the project, as well as conduct very structured focus groups and detailed surveys to give us a thorough assessment of your business.

We develop interview protocols based on your specific business to help us determine which areas are the biggest concerns for your business (i.e. leadership, organizational culture, external environment factors, etc…).

Phase 2: Analysis and Strategic Change Recommendations

After our extensive data-collection process, we then dive into analyzing the data to determine the best solution for your business.
Once we identify viable solutions for your unique business, we engage your management team to discuss the necessary strategic changes, along with a priority order that these changes should be rolled out to the organization.

Phase 3: Organizational Plan Execution

The final phase in the process is the actual execution of the strategic restructuring plan.

We develop detailed action plans that get the new changes out to your employees in the most efficient and effective manner. We remain very involved during this phase, and continue to be a resource to you and your leadership team as the changes spread across your business.

Contact us for a free consultation.