Companies that communicate effectively will experience higher levels of success than their competitors. Whether it is explaining the value of your product or service to a client or training new skills or procedures to employees, leaders must constantly engage in effective communications in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Despite the importance of communication efforts, oftentimes organizations fail to understand the true cost of failing to cover this important area of business operations. Consider just a couple of examples. According to a study reported in 2019 completed by Dynamic Signal, “80 percent of the U.S. workforce reports feeling stressed because of ineffective company communication –­ a 30 percent jump from just one year ago. The 2019 study which surveyed 1,001 U.S. employees, also found that 63 percent have wanted to quit because ineffective communication interfered with their ability to do their job ­– almost double from the 33 percent in 2018.”

Poor communications also impact an organization’s ability to keep customers.  According to a research conducted by ContactEngine, “poor communication is the number one reason why businesses lose customers.”

Make Your Mission Your Priority

The best way to effectively communicate your message inside your company and out is to have a clear mission statement and policies that support that mission.

When speaking internally in meetings or in staff newsletters or even on intranet resources, leadership should always start and end with the company mission. Asking how each communication relates to or impacts the company mission will prevent over communication and keep everyone moving in the right direction. Employees should clearly understand why the organization exists and how each member can help contribute to those efforts.

Now, when it comes to external communications –­ think company website, social media channels, marketing emails, outbound calling, digital ads or face-to-face event interactions –­ keeping the company mission at the forefront is also critical.

When you speak about your company or for your company in any of these places, starting and ending with the company mission is also the key to successful communication. Your clients and potential clients should not be confused about who you are as a company or what to expect from their experience with your company. Providing excellent customer service starts with focusing on these external communications efforts.

How We Can Help

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