The use of the digital landscape is no longer just a component of our workplace.  For most organizations, it has BECOME our workplace.  It is where we organize, advertise, meet, collaborate, sell, store and exchange our products and services.  Given the realities of the covid-19 pandemic, most of our organizations would not survive without the wide use of technology, most of which has only been in existence for a relatively short time.  Now, every organization has the ability to put up a “storefront”, “marketplace”, “forum”, or other communications platform within a matter of hours and be immediately operational.

While these advances are remarkable, it has led to a very crowded workspace with an ever-increasing amount of organizations chasing the same set of potential customers.  The striking reality is this:  how we utilize the systems that integrate with technological solutions will be responsible for the success or failure of our organizations.  With almost every organization having some type of representation in the digital workplace the question becomes:  how do we get our message heard above the noise?


Enter now the emergence of the phenomenon known as “search engine optimization”(also known as SEO).  The term represents the ideas, methods and technologies used to help those conducting searches for products or services on the Internet to find your organization’s digital presence as “high” up in the search result query as possible.  It is also the term used as a job title or description for a person or firm that specializes in helping organizations engage in this process.  We at 2X Momentum Solutions, LLC (also known as 2XM), are a “one stop shop”, full-service, business marketing and consulting firm, with one of our specialties being search engine optimization.

Understanding the importance of SEO means knowing that when a potential customer uses a particular Internet search engine, knowing how to get your organization’s information on the search engine report page (SERP) as close to the top of the list as possible is CRITICAL.  Users are only likely to “click through” or investigate the first few of the results generated by each search.  According to an article by Forbes magazine done in 2017, the value of being at the top of these results can not be overstated.  “You need to be near the top: The first five results receive 67.6% of clicks, whereas the remaining five just receive 3.73%.”


Maximizing the effectiveness of a SEO initiative is NOT an intuitive process.  There are two things of primary importance when performing an SEO effort:  understanding how search engines seek out content, index that information and report back results AND understanding how most people go about performing an Internet search for a particular product or service of interest.  It is at the intersection of those two dynamics where you want your organization’s message to emerge towards the top of the SERP.

When an SEO effort is effective, it can have a profound impact in getting your organization’s message in front of the right people.  According to Shannon Miller, co-owner of 2XM, “We were able to help a regional commercial cleaning company dramatically increase traffic to their Internet site.  We did this through the use of multiple techniques, such as:  keyword optimization, generating custom informational content for their site’s blog, implementing technical best practices, use of alt tags, reorganizing their site structure, and improving their site security so they could get ranked.  As a result, by the end of 2020, the company had a year over year increase of 72% in new organic users.”

At 2XM, we have established three primary tiers of SEO services, depending upon the needs of an organization:

Package 1: Basic Audit ($500)

This package is focused on technical SEO best practices to ensure the website is optimized for indexing. Package Includes:

  • Perform audit of website for technical SEO successes and failures
  • Provide recommendations to resolve any technical issues related to SEO, site security and performance.

Comprehensive SEO Audit With Competitor Research ($1,495)

This package is designed to improve SEO ranking through strategic technical and content strategies. Includes all Items from Basic Audit Package, plus:

  • Provide site and URL structure to improve crawlability.
  • Provide current non-branded keyword rankings.
  • Provide competitor keyword ranking for up to five unique competitors.

Comprehensive SEO Audit With Competitor Research and Content Strategy ($2,995)

This package is designed to improve SEO ranking through strategic technical and content strategies. Includes all Items from Comprehensive SEO Audit Plan Audit Package, plus:

  • Provide a list of primary and secondary non-branded keywords for targeting based on search traffic.
  • Provide three article/page topics for up to three keywords.
  • Provide company-specific guidelines for article structure, meta descriptions, semantic words/phrases and other SEO functions as applicable.

Quotes for ongoing analysis, content writing and keyword monitoring can be provided and are established on a case-by-case basis.  Contact us today so that we can get started moving your organization towards the “top of the heap” in your potential new customer’s search results.