When you need printed materials for your business, there are lots of options and we’re going to review one of them for you today.

In the last month 2XM developed several Direct Mail and other printed materials for our clients. The timeline was short, the budget was small and our traditional design and print solutions couldn’t move that fast or on that budget.

So we went to the internet to find online printing solutions that would fit all of our criteria.

We hadn’t used Vistaprint before, but we’re blown away at the tools, turnaround time, price quote and support by the online printer.

One of the jobs we started with was a postcard mailing. There are an overwhelming number of customizable templates to start with and we were able to quickly find several base designs that would work for our client.

All we had to do was enter our content and drag and drop the pieces until we were satisfied with the design. Uploading client lists was a breeze (once we got the formatting correct) and the special discounts that VistaPrint was running for postcards was a bonus we weren’t expecting.

In the next 5 to 7 days this beautiful postcard will be hitting mailboxes in Washington, D.C.!

We unanimously decided to start working our next print job with Vistaprint. This time it was a media kit that included a glossy folder, a coated brochure and a coated letter insert.

Here is where Vistaprint blew us away. During the review process, VistaPrint alerted us to the fact that the client’s logo was a bit fuzzy. We only had a low-resolution file to work with so the designers at Vistaprint recreated to logo, placed it in the file and didn’t charge us a dime for their services. Oh, and it was done over a weekend so we didn’t lose any time getting the materials to the media event at which our client was a featured speaker!

We can’t say enough about the quality of the products and support we’ve received from Vistaprint.

There are plenty of printed materials that this company won’t be able to handle for us, but we will be looking to use Vistaprint in the future and would highly recommend them for small business owners that want to create professional print materials but don’t have a budget for experienced designers.