Established Commercial Cleaning Company

Overhaul a 10-year old website, expand keywords to include new geo targeting, create engagement series for current and former clients as well as cold leads and create a “review us” campaign to boost social profiles.

Challenge 1: Website Overhaul

Over the course of 10 years, this client’s site had fallen into disrepair. Links moved or no longer worked, the content no longer included all relevant service areas and the overall design was dated and did not reflect the company’s clean image.

What 2XM Did

2XM immediately created a new content strategy and site layout that would feature the company’s strengths and services. Our designers moved quickly and were able to complete the build in two weeks with no downtime for the website.

We also refreshed all the content, created new pages such as the services comparison feature that highlighted how the company outmatched the competition. We also created new keyword heavy pages to rank for the company’s expanded territory.


Current and former clients praised the new website which opened up the lines of communication between the business owner and site visitors. Ranking for new territories is on the rise and the client is thrilled with the new image that the company presents on the web.

Challenge 2: Convert Leads, Win Back Former Customers, Boost Reputation

This company had amassed a list of potential clients that had previously shown interest in commercial cleaning services, but had not signed a contract. There was also a list of former clients and, of course, current clients. On 2XM’s recommendation, the company agreed to reach out to all of the names on the list with targeted content and messaging that would engage those people and boost revenues.

What 2XM Did

The first order of business was to organize multiple files of email addresses, load them into an email platform and make sure that all CAN-SPAM rules were being followed.

We also learned as much as possible about each of the lists and wrote messaging that would specifically target those groups and move them to action. The following is a summary of that targeting:

All Lists: A monthly free emailed newsletter that includes links to tips, tricks and educational pieces as well as a letter from the President.

Active Clients: A quarterly campaign soliciting reviews on top social media platforms to boost the online reputation.

Former Clients: A multi-part campaign was created to win them back through a highly personalized strategy and pricing discounts.


There was a positive reaction from all the groups that lead to positive customer feedback and an increase in call volume from former clients and leads requesting quotes for service.