Our Services


Business Development

We are here to provide you with consulting services to maximize the efficiency of your organization. Our services are customized to each organization, but generally fall into four main categories: Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement, Coaching/Training and Organizational Assessment.

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Digital Marketing

We offer an integrated approach to marketing where we combine traditional best practices with the latest online marketing trends. Our marketing programs are tailor made to suit your needs and budget. We will help you determine the best strategies for your business to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

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Copywriting Services

We are your go-to resource for all your copy needs. If you want copy that can engage your audience, sell your product, build a relationship with your target market, we can help.

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Website Design

A well-crafted and designed website is your business’s opportunity to make an outstanding first impression. 2XM will work with you to create a professional website that includes all the necessary functionality you need.

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Traditional Marketing

With many businesses, traditional marketing can be a huge boon. Many marketing companies will tell you not to bother with these channels and we suspect it's because they don't know how to do it. We won't rule out anything when it comes to growing your business.

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2XM will help you create and define your unique branding in your industry. We will ensure that your company, products and services are well represented.

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