Digital Marketing

img_5We offer an integrated approach to marketing where we combine traditional best practices with the latest online marketing trends. Our marketing programs are tailor made to suit your needs and budget. We will help you determine the best strategies for your business to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

Email Marketing

Getting people to read your emails and take action is critical. And in the age of digital overload, your message must stand out. 2XM can help you do that without using over-hyped techniques. We'll make sure your brand and mission are adhered to in every communication and that you're reaching your ideal audience to keep costs low.

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click

There are a ton of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) companies that would love your business. They put a bunch of junk links on your site, post content in your name on random and questionable blogs and charge you an arm and a leg. 2XM works with a handful of reputable companies that will not destroy your brand in the pursuit of clicks. We'll even help you craft your content and manage the whole experience from the Pay Per Click copy to analytical reporting should you desire.

Social Media

Social media is the latest craze, so as avid marketers, we must stay on top of this powerful trend for our clients. We tap sources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to create new pools of potential customers for your business, build your brand awareness and generate leads that convert to paying customers.

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